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Streamline operations, reduce costs, and optimise performance

At Fleet Witness, we understand the importance of effective vehicle tracking in optimising fleet operations and reducing expenses. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of vehicle tracking services to meet the unique needs of your business. Our team of experts provides independent advice and innovative solutions to help you select the best technology and software to track your vehicles in real-time, monitor driver behaviour, and reduce fuel consumption. We’re committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring that you get the most out of your investment in vehicle tracking technology. With Fleet Witness, you can streamline your fleet operations, improve driver safety, and increase your bottom line.

What do vehicle trackers do?

A vehicle tracker is a device that is installed in a vehicle to track its movements and monitor various aspects of its operation while on the move.

This includes real-time information such as the vehicle’s location, speed, and driving behaviour, which is transmitted using the GPS satellite system via a 4G connection. Our vehicle trackers are discreet, phone-sized devices that are installed under the dashboard for security and aesthetic purposes.

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Best-in-class location tracking & geofencing

Fleet Witness offers cutting-edge GPS tracking and intelligent geofencing features, providing unparalleled real-time visibility to enhance route efficiency and elevate customer service standards.

Advanced fuel and vehicle diagnostics

Streamline preventive maintenance, minimise downtime, pinpoint fuel inefficiencies, and optimise your fleet size using utilisation data.
*Engine diagnostics available for both light and heavy-duty vehicles.
*Requires LV-CAN functionality with tracker.

All you need to know about vehicle tracking systems

A GPS device designed for vehicle tracking is installed in the vehicle to facilitate live monitoring of its movements. The tracking system acquires crucial information such as the vehicle’s location, distance covered, speed, fuel consumption, idle duration, and any incidents of sudden braking or sharp turns.

A vehicle tracking GPS device offers numerous benefits for businesses that operate fleets of vehicles. By providing real-time tracking of a vehicle’s movements, the system enables improved fleet management through the identification of efficient routes, reduction of fuel consumption, and minimisation of idle time. Additionally, the device enhances customer service by providing accurate delivery schedules and ensuring timely deliveries. Safety and security are also improved by monitoring driver behaviour, reducing the risk of accidents, and helping to locate and recover stolen vehicles. Overall, the use of a tracking GPS device can increase productivity, streamline operations, and lead to cost savings on fuel, maintenance, insurance, and unauthorised vehicle use.

Vehicle tracking can be used to monitor the hours of service for drivers, which is particularly important for HGV drivers who may otherwise drive for too long. Additionally, vehicle tracking can help you adhere to regular maintenance schedules to ensure that your vehicles are roadworthy and meet emissions regulations.

Analysing data through reports enables you to proactively optimise the routes for your drivers. This ensures that the routes covered are the most efficient, avoiding overlap and reducing the distance travelled. By doing so, you can save on fuel consumption, ultimately saving money for your business. Furthermore, reducing idle time can extend the lifespan of your vehicles.

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