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Direct Vision Standard Kit

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Vehicle Safety & Compliance

We have carefully curated our products to build complete solutions for a range of vehicle types, giving you all the equipment you need to keep your vehicle, driver, and other road users safe. Invest in Fleet Witness for your vehicle blind spot and FORS accreditation. Our experienced sales team are on hand to tailor our solutions to meet your needs, and the requirements of your customers.

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Direct Vision Standard (DVS)

At Fleet Witness we have extensive experience in supplying and installing DVS systems on a range of HGV vehicles and are available to provide advice on what is needed to be compliant with the new regulations.

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The Casper Data Interface Standard

We can help ensure that your business remains compliant with the implementation of London Gatwick Airport's new regulation requiring all vehicles to maintain accurate recordings of their positioning and movements.

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Multi-Camera Systems

Our multi-camera solutions provide the possibility of 360° coverage around your vehicles. This eliminates blind spots whilst drastically improving the overall safety of your fleet; reducing the number of vehicle and pedestrian related incidents.

Fleet Witness Tacho Downloads

Remote Tacho Downloads

Fleet Witness offers remote tacho downloads that provide flexible options for configurable downloads, alerts and reports with the ability to specify frequency and presentation of data. We provide a fully managed service, retrieving and analysing data and delivering scheduled reports directly to the users inbox.

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Vehicle Tracking

Fleet Witness offers advanced vehicle tracking solutions, providing you with real-time information on the location of every vehicle in your fleet. With Fleet Witness, you can optimize your fleet's performance, improve efficiency, and enhance driver safety.

Fleet Dash Cameras

Our commercial cameras are more secure and robust than regular dash cameras. The cameras provide a cost-effective solution for collecting video evidence to support insurance claims, resolve disputes, and improve driving behaviour. Additionally, our cameras feature a parking mode that allows the camera to continue to recorded after the ignition is off.


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