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Innovative commercial van tracking technology

The easiest way to monitor and dispatch your vehicles

The easiest way to monitor and dispatch your vehicles

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It’s no secret that vans, or light commercial vehicles, form the foundation of many small enterprises in the UK. Every day, they help tradespeople and many other industries complete their work efficiently. Because LCVs are sometimes loaded with pricey instruments worth thousands of pounds, having one stolen may be fatal to a company.
Many owners of light commercial vehicles are looking for new strategies to safeguard their investments. Fleet Witness can provide van tracking to safeguard your company and provides real-time, round-the-clock monitoring of your commercial vehicle.

Temperature Monitoring

With our advanced temperature monitoring, you can ensure the safe and efficient transportation of your temperature-sensitive goods.

Driver Identification

Ensure the safety and security of your fleet with our driver identification system. Know who is behind the wheel at all times.

On board CCTV

Our on-board DVRs allow you to have up to eight cameras connected. You can quickly select and view live video on demand.

See where your vehicles are

Fleet Witness Live updates every few seconds so you’ll always know where your vehicles are at anytime.

We are always happy to talk about your requirements and any specific issues you may be facing. Our sales consultants will put together a bespoke solution to suit your business.

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GPS tracking benefits & savings

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Real-time GPS vehicle monitoring and routing for fleet
management. A GPS tracker can completely transform
your business. Our proven solutions work together to help
you manage and track your fleet in order to maximise
utilisation and productivity while reducing fuel

Driver Key Fobs

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Driver identification fobs can be a valuable tool for enhancing fleet management by providing real-time tracking and monitoring of driver performance. Additionally, driver identification fobs can help enhance security by providing detailed information on vehicle use and driver behaviour, enabling fleet managers to quickly detect and respond to unauthorized use or theft.​

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The Benefits
Why you should consider purchasing a Tracker device for your LCV or van:

  • Highly developed and put to use in the actual world.
  • Dependable hardware and specially created software.
  • All items support 4G.
  • Live and archived reporting
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Our Experts

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Fleet Witness can assist you in planning the deployment
and organising installations. We have a staff of expert
fitters throughout the UK to assist you were they can 
should you require an installation.

Geo-Fence Alerts

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Geo-fence will notify you whenever a tracker enters or
exits a specified region. Geo-fence alerts are configured
by place and time, and you will be alerted whenever a
vehicle enters or departs a location for a certain amount
of time. You should be certain that your automobiles are
not moving after hours.

Vehicle Reports

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Our report builder gives you the ability to select high level data points. Each report can be manually run, or scheduled to drop into your inbox at regular intervals.
Our Utilisation report provides a useful overview of the most commonly required metrics, as well as displaying
your running costs.

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