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Technical solutions for vehicle tracking & video telematics

Technical solutions for vehicle

tracking & video telematics

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At Fleet Witness we utilise our IT knowledge to optimise client performance within vehicle tracking and video telematics. This means using the very best components, combined with custom designed software to deliver reliable, and highly functional solutions.

We are always happy to talk about your requirements and any specific issues you may be facing. Our sales consultants will put together a bespoke solution to suit your business.

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It’s not basic &
it’s not off-the-shelf

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We do not believe in a ‘plug & play’ approach simply supplying standard kit from the warehouse. The highest level of technical capability is achieved through careful equipment selection, development and rigorous testing; clean installation to reduce points of failure; and daily checks on kit health to ensure reliability.

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“As a haulier you want suppliers to be people who are absolute experts in their field, dependable and understanding of the realities of business.”

Iain Blackstock, Traffic Manager
Reive & Grossart

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We are happy to come on site to show you how we operate and talk about what you need from an advanced video telematics and vehicle tracking system

We work with companies who are specialists in their sector

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