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Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)

Why Compliance Matters

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The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) stands as a highly regarded program affirming a business’s dedication to safety and sustainability, widely acknowledged within the UK logistics industry. Beyond mere recognition, FORS provides an array of tools and training programs aiding drivers and fleet managers in assessing and improving their performance, while concurrently reducing fuel consumption across all operational facets. Fleet Witness not only offers recognition but also supplies FORS kits facilitating compliance with Bronze, Silver, and Gold FORS standards, ensuring seamless adherence to FORS compliance for your business.

FORS Bronze

Fleet Witness provides all the equipment your business needs to comply with this Bronze FORS accreditation, and can come to your site and install this equipment as you require.

  • Class V mirror on nearside
  • Class VI mirror at front
  • Side under-run protection on both sides (except where impractical)
  • External markings to warn vulnerable road users.

FORS Silver

In order to achieve FORS Silver status, an initial Bronze accreditation must be obtained. The emphasis is then placed more heavily on ensuring physical safety of the vehicle, including the mandatory installation of specific equipment items listed below.

  • Blind Spot Cameras
  • Side Scan Sensor Systems
  • Left Turn Alarms
  • Reversing Alarms


FORS Gold requires the same vehicle safety system as FORS Silver.

  • A camera system that monitors the near-side vehicle blind spot.
  • An in-cab display screen to provide the driver with a view of the near-side blind spot.

Why should I consider FORS?

There are a number of reasons it can be beneficial to move to FORS Silver level.

  • FORS accreditation demonstrates commitment to managing road risk
  • Potential cost savings through improved fuel efficiency across fleet
  • Companies adhering to FORS standards typically experience a reduction in incidents, leading to further savings
  • FORS accreditation signifies high standards in legal compliance, safety, efficiency, and environmental protection
  • FORS Silver is often a contractual/procurement requirement when tendering for work
  • FORS accreditation helps attract and retain environmentally-conscious staff
  • Compliance with TfL’s WRRR standards ensures safe system requirements for DVS permit applications to enter London.

Become FORS Compliant

We are always happy to talk about your requirements and any specific issues you may be facing. Our sales consultants will put together a bespoke solution to suit your business.

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Fleet Witness can assist you in planning the deployment
and organising installations. We have a staff of expert
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Why choose Fleet Witness for your vehicle tracking systems?

All you need to know about Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)

Bronze requirement V6 and Silver requirement S6 for vehicle safety equipment were revised at version 5 of the FORS Standard to align with the DVS Safe System improvements for right-hand drive vehicles. This means that Silver and Gold members with right-hand drive vehicles that are zero-star rated, but fitted with ALL safety equipment in accordance with V6 AND S6, meet the safety requirements to obtain a permit and do not need to fit additional equipment. However, all FORS members operating vehicles over 12 tonnes, regardless of their level of accreditation, must still apply for the HGV Safety Permit in order to drive in London.

CLOCS is a set of road safety requirements that the construction client expects within the supply chain – FORS is a quality standard for fleet operations that is recognised by the client.

FORS Approval is valid for twelve (12) months duration to ensure that all content remains valid and is updated with industry and legislative changes.

You can expect to receive your audit report and results within 10 working days from when the audit was conducted.

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