Reive and Grossart Haulage

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Understanding and working to improve your business

Established in 1965, Reive and Grossart are a family owned and operated business with many years of experience in their sector; delivering goods safely, on time, and in perfect condition. The ethos is very much about quality customer service rather than volume. The company is small enough to cater to every client’s need but large enough to cope with 1000’s of tonnes on a weekly basis.

“Fleet Witness did an excellent job for us, in taking care of everything we needed. As a haulier, you want your suppliers to be people who are absolute experts in their field, dependable and understanding of the realities of the business, willing to listen, and who care as much about the industry as you do. Fleet Witness are those guys and they continue to support us with excellent customer care. 

Reive and Grossart would be more than happy to recommend Fleet Witness and their services at any time.”

Iain Blackstock
Business Owner

Want To Learn More?

Since safety is very much a priority for Reive and Grossart, they contacted Fleet Witness to enquire about equipping the vehicles with all-around cameras for maximum, 360° coverage. Monitors and DVRs would also be installed, fully equipped with 4G so that clients could remotely access and download the footage.

Being the brains of the system, the DVR is where all cameras and programmable triggers wire back to. When this is correctly set up and configured, it can automatically communicate with our Fleet Witness Live platform, allowing real-time tracking and camera footage, along with detailed insights into journey details, driver behaviour, and more.