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Verran Freight Ltd has taken a significant leap forward in enhancing its productivity and safety by implementing Fleet Witness Live.

Verran Freight is a prominent transportation and logistics company that prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service in an evolving and competitive market. As the industry becomes more technology-driven, Verran Freight sought innovative solutions to optimise their operations, enhance driver safety, and reduce fuel consumption. This case study explores how Fleet Witness, provided Verran Freight with a GPS fleet tracking system to revolutionise their operations, leading to improved productivity, increased efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The Challenges

Peter Bennett, Director at Verran Freight, recognised the critical importance of safety within the industry. With heavy vehicles transporting cargo, prioritising safety measures for both employees and customers was essential.

Verran Freight encountered several challenges:

Monitoring Driver Behaviour: Verran Freight sought a solution that could accurately track and monitor driver behaviour, ensuring adherence to safe driving practices and compliance with safety protocols.

Remote Location Tracking: Operating nationally, Verran Freight required a system capable of precisely locating their vehicles, even in areas with limited or no connectivity.

Cost Savings and Efficiency: In pursuit of a comprehensive solution, Verran Freight aimed to reduce costs, enhance operational efficiency, and increase overall productivity.

The Solution

With Fleet Witness Live, they gained insights into driver speed, location, and idling durations. This data facilitated productive conversations with drivers to encourage safe practices and improve efficiency. Peter explains, “We incentivise our employees to drive better and be more efficient with no accidents, speeding violations, hard braking, and reduced idle times.” They effectively identified instances of prolonged idling or unapproved routes, allowing corrective actions based on real-time data.

In addition to tracking driver speed and location, Verran Freight successfully identified opportunities for cost reduction by monitoring idling and fuel consumption. Peter acknowledged that drivers sometimes forget to switch off the vehicle or idle for various reasons. However, with the new system, Verran Freight could track and address these issues, resulting in significantly fewer idle time problems and fuel cost savings.

Moreover, productivity soared as live mapping empowered Peter to track vehicle locations. This allowed for efficient rerouting of drivers, eliminating the need for time-consuming journeys back to the depot. Peter highlights.”By using the mobile app while I’m on the go, I can keep an eye on my trucks while they’re on the go”.

In conclusion, Fleet Witness has proven to be the ideal solution for Verran Freight, enabling effective tracking of vehicles and drivers. By leveraging real-time data, promoting safety, reducing expenses, and enhancing productivity, Fleet Witness has become an invaluable tool in Verran Freight’s operations and contributed to their success.

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