Tacho Downloads

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Drive with confidence, download with ease

Remote tacho downloads provide fleet operators with a quick and painless way of meeting their compliance requirements without becoming a drain on resources.

Fleet Witness’ automated tacho downloads eliminates the need to manually download driver and vehicle data, not only saving time but also ensuring that you don’t risk missing any crucial data.

Our system offers a high level of flexibility in the form of configurable downloads, alerts and reports. You can specify how often you would like to pull data and how you wish it to be presented to you. Our fully managed service retrieves the data for analysis and generates reports which can be scheduled to arrive directly in your inbox.

Fleet Witness Tacho Downloads

The data collected can be used for establishing the cause of a road traffic collision or for monitoring and improving driver behaviour, which in turn, has a direct impact on the frequency of claims. In many instances this results in a reduction in fuel consumption, vehicle damage and loss of earnings; all of which have a “real world” effect on operating costs.

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