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Increase your operational efficiency and decrease expenses by utilising real-time vehicle tracking.

Fleet Witness is a comprehensive vehicle tracking solution that offers you real-time access to your entire fleet’s location and performance via our proprietary software.
With Fleet Witness, you can monitor your vehicles’ activities minute-by-minute, and gain valuable insights into driver behaviour and fuel consumption.

Our full report suite includes detailed information on speeding, idling, as well as excel exports and scheduled email reports. This allows you to stay on top of your fleet’s performance and make data-driven decisions that improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Find out everything you need to know about fleet tracking.

Increase fleet visibility with our vehicle tracking app.

Fleet Witness provides reliable and innovative GPS vehicle tracking and routing solutions that can revolutionise the way you manage your fleet. 
Our real-time GPS tracking technology combined with advanced fleet management tools help you track and manage your fleet, maximising utilisation and productivity while reducing fuel usage.

By utilising our proven solutions, you can access valuable insights into driver behaviour and vehicle performance, helping you make informed decisions to optimise your fleet’s utilisation. With our GPS tracking technology, you can monitor your fleet’s location and performance, enhancing your overall fleet management experience.

Vehicle tracking and cameras

Driver Identification Fobs

Driver identification fobs can be a valuable tool for enhancing fleet management by providing real-time tracking and monitoring of driver performance. Additionally, driver identification fobs can help enhance security by providing detailed information on vehicle use and driver behaviour, enabling fleet managers to quickly detect and respond to unauthorised use or theft.

Live Fleet Tracking

The live map displays the locations of all of your vehicles. Fleet Witness Live updates every few seconds so you’ll always know where your vehicles are at anytime. Icons and columns can be customised, showing you the most relevant information. The user interface is cleanly designed and gives you the ability to adjust the layout to suit your preference

Geo-Fence Alerts

Geo-fencing is a powerful tool that allows you to define virtual boundaries around specific geographic areas, and receive real-time alerts when your vehicles enter or exit these zones. This can help you improve fleet management by enabling you to monitor driver behaviour, track vehicle locations, and optimise routing and delivery schedules. Additionally, geo-fencing can be used to enhance security by detecting and preventing unauthorised vehicle use or theft.

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Flexible Reporting​

Our report builder gives you the ability to select high level data points. Each report can be manually run, or scheduled to drop into your inbox at regular intervals. Our Utilisation report provides a useful overview of the most commonly required metrics, as well as displaying your running costs. You can also choose from mileage, expenses, out-of-hours, site visits and many others. If you have a specific requirement, we can create and configure the report your specification.

Legal Compliance

Invest in Fleet Witness to ensure that your company's fleet remains fully insured, trained, and compliant with regulations, even as your business grows. Our integrated solution streamlines compliance processes and reduces the risk of fines or penalties, allowing you to focus on driving business success.

Improve Fuel Management

With our comprehensive fuel management tools, fleet managers can monitor fuel consumption, optimise routes, and reduce idling time, all of which can significantly lower fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions. Additionally, our solution can help detect instances of fuel theft or misuse, providing additional cost savings and security benefits.

Real-Time Camera Feeds

Our on-board DVRs allow you to have up to eight cameras connected. You can quickly select and view live video on demand. Review historical video using either the date and time, or use a point on the map to locate the piece of footage that you need. With a click of a button, you are able to download and save footage for reviewing later. It’s in a friendly format, ready to play on any media player without the need to convert.

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