UK Road Fatalities

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In 2022, the UK witnessed a concerning rise in road fatalities, with 1,711 people losing their lives—a 10% increase from the previous year. Notably, 303 fatalities were attributed to speeding, marking a 20% surge compared to the prior year. Additionally, 28,031 individuals suffered serious injuries due to road accidents, reflecting an 8% uptick.

These figures serve as a stark reminder of the hazards associated with road travel, a fact often overlooked as we go about our daily routines.

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Let’s talk about speed

Focusing on the theme “Let’s talk about speed,” the campaign addresses speed as one of the primary causes of road accidents, emphasising that five people die daily on roads due to this behaviour. While the initiative targets all drivers, Fleet Witness, with its commitment to safety in transport and operations, actively seeks ways to improve road safety.

Safety holds a central position among Fleet Witness’s core principles, aligning with efficiency and sustainability. The company’s technology, tailored for commercial fleets, prioritises the safety of individuals both within and outside the vehicles.


Fleet Witness’s Platform detects aggressive driving, speeding, and harsh braking, providing valuable feedback for managerial coaching and intervention in case of incidents.

This technology serves as a safety lifeline, fostering constant communication between drivers and managers. Beyond technology, customers leverage these systems for driver coaching programs, fostering a culture of safe driving.

Transformative Impact

One UK logistics business, having embraced Fleet Witness’s technology, reports significant improvements in driver safety and service quality. Real-time data and safety scoring have been instrumental in enhancing driving habits and contributing to safer roads.

The Fatal 5

However, the ultimate responsibility for road safety lies with the individual behind the wheel. Choices regarding speeding, mobile phone usage, or aggressive driving are conscious decisions, encapsulated in the ‘Fatal 5.’ Those who disregard these choices not only break the law but also engage in selfish acts.

The “Fatal 5” represents the five key behaviours identified as major contributors to serious injuries and fatalities on the roads. These behaviours, if avoided, could significantly reduce the number of accidents and save lives. Let’s break down each element of the “Fatal 5” and explore why they are critical focal points for road safety campaigns:

Careless driving behaviours, such as tailgating and road rage, contribute to an unsafe driving environment. Fleet Witness’s Platform identifies aggressive driving patterns, allowing for intervention through coaching programs. By addressing careless driving, companies can create a safer atmosphere for both their drivers and other road users.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs impairs cognitive function and decision-making abilities. This can result in poor judgment, slower reaction times, and an increased likelihood of making critical errors while driving.

Beyond the immediate safety concerns, driving under the influence carries serious legal repercussions. Offenders may face fines, license suspension, and even imprisonment, depending on the severity of the offense.

Failing to wear seatbelts significantly increases the likelihood of sustaining severe injuries or fatalities in a collision. Fleet Witness’s onboard dashcams can record drivers who neglect this basic safety measure, reinforcing the importance of seatbelt usage.

Distracted driving, often due to mobile phone use, is a pervasive issue. Engaging with a phone while driving diverts attention from the road and increases the risk of accidents.

Speeding is a leading cause of accidents and amplifies the severity of collisions. Excessive speed reduces the driver’s reaction time and increases the force of impact, making accidents more likely to result in severe injuries or fatalities. The Road Safety Week campaign, with its theme “Let’s talk about speed,” underscores the urgency of addressing this dangerous behaviour.

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