Vehicle Safety & Compliance

Truck inspection and safety

Vehicle Safety & Compliance

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Meeting vehicle safety compliance standards is no longer just a moral obligation, but a legal requirement that cannot be ignored. Our comprehensive approach to vehicle compliance, backed by years of expertise, ensures that your fleet remains compliant and up-to-date with industry regulations, enabling you to operate with confidence and avoid costly penalties.

Truck inspection and safety

We'll make sure you're covered

Our carefully curated products not only ensure vehicle and road user safety, but also help you achieve FORS compliance and DVS regulations. Our complete solutions cover a range of vehicle types and include equipment for clear blind spot observation and critical incident video footage capture. Our expert Sales team can customize solutions to meet your unique needs and satisfy your customers’ requirements.

Direct Vision Standard 2024

In the 2024 Direct Vision Standard (DVS) changes, HGVs over 12 tonnes with safety ratings below 3 stars must install extra safety gear starting on October 24, 2024. This expands the scope from the previous 1-star requirement. As of October 27, 2024, all existing DVS permits become invalid, obliging 0 to 2-star-rated vehicles to upgrade to the Progressive Safe System. This system enhances driver visibility of vulnerable road users in blind spots, minimizes false alarms, and alerts both drivers and detected road users of potential risks. Notably, the new DVS mandates the detection of Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) in front blind spots, known as Moving Off Information Systems (MOIS).

Fully Customisable Daily Vehicle Checks

Driver Daily Walkaround Checks

Incorporate the inspection of the driver's daily walkaround checks into your daily routine.

Tailored Daily Vehicle Checks for Optimal Fleet Safety and Functionality

With the Fleet Witness app, drivers can perform daily vehicle checks that are tailored to the specific needs of your fleet. Our app ensures that all crucial areas are covered, including the condition of the vehicle bodywork, windscreen, windows, and lights, as well as the condition of the tyres, pressure, and wear. We also check brake and clutch fluid levels, and confirm the function of the seatbelts and horn. Additionally, our app schedules routine service appointments to keep your fleet operating at optimal performance. Importantly, we make use of the DVLAS’ API to import vehicle data, enabling us to obtain MOT dates and other essential vehicle information. Our app empowers your drivers to maintain the safety and functionality of your fleet, all while saving time and streamlining the vehicle check process.

Achieve Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)

We offer a range of products and solutions that allow Fleet Operators to get Bronze, Silver or Gold accreditation.

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