Starting April 2024, Transport for London (TfL) is mandating FORS Gold accreditation or an equivalent scheme for all new Greater London Authority Group contracts over £1 million involving vehicles. This move aims to enhance vehicle safety, aligning with the Vision Zero goal to eliminate road deaths and injuries. FORS, a safety and environmental standards accreditation scheme, has been instrumental in raising industry standards.

Despite a 31% reduction in serious injuries with FORS Silver, fatal collisions involving freight vehicles remain a concern. The shift to FORS Gold ensures operators meet heightened standards, prioritising safety for vulnerable road users. The new requirements won’t affect existing contracts, and suppliers with contracts under £1 million must attain at least FORS Silver. The FORS program assesses fleet performance in areas like safety, environmental impact, and operational efficiency, providing a framework for continuous improvement. TfL’s commitment to Vision Zero involves various initiatives, including the Direct Vision Standard, which reduces blind spots on lorries. Further measures, like a three-star rating or Progressive Safe System for HGVs over 12 tonnes, will be implemented from October 2024.

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