Proposed Updates to the Direct Vision Standard

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Enhancing Road Safety in London with the DVS Update

Transport for London (TfL) has conceived a series of compelling plans with the proposed updates. Their intention is to establish a Progressive Safe System (PSS) that builds upon the existing 2019 Safe System. What does this signify for you, esteemed fleet operators? Commencing October 2024, HGVs entering and operating within Greater London will be required to elevate their safety measures by attaining a minimum DVS rating of three stars. This mandates that you employ the latest safety technology and equipment available. Vehicles possessing a two-star rating or below shall be compelled to adopt the PSS and provide verifiable evidence of compliance in order to acquire the necessary permit. It is time for us to embrace this paradigm shift in the pursuit of safety.

Highlights of the Proposed Updates

  • Recognition of the potential of camera systems in improving vehicle safety and eliminating blind spots.
  • Inclusion of sensor systems for trailers.
  • Activation of sensor
    systems within a range of 2m along the vehicle’s entire length, while avoiding interference from street furniture or parked vehicles.
  • Mandatory compliance with the DVS scheme (changing from “should” to “must”).
  • Requirement of Progressive Safe Systems for vehicles not meeting Safety Permit Scheme requirements.
  • Permission for camera systems to replace class four, five, and six mirrors, ensuring comprehensive coverage of blind spots.

Penalty Charges for Non-Compliance

At present, the penalty charge associated with non-compliance of the DVS scheme in Greater London stands at £550 per day, with a reduced amount of £275 if settled within a 14-day period. Nevertheless, it is anticipated that these charges will undergo an escalation in accordance with TfL’s continuous endeavours to augment safety prerequisites.

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