How Fleet Witness can help maintain a healthy fleet during inactivity

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Ensuring Fleet Maintenance During Periods of Inactivity

In the ever-changing landscape of fleet management, there are times when your fleet experiences reduced activity. Whether it’s due to seasonal downturns, holidays, industry-specific lulls, or unforeseen events like the COVID-19 pandemic, these periods of inactivity require a proactive approach to maintain the health and readiness of your vehicles. Fleet Witness, an innovative vehicle tracking system, offers indispensable features that empower fleet managers to ensure fleet integrity during downtime, eliminating the need for costly repairs and downtime when operations resume.

Monitoring Battery Status

One of the critical concerns during fleet inactivity is the state of your vehicles’ batteries. Prolonged idleness can lead to battery depletion, potentially causing complications when it’s time to get your fleet back on the road. Fleet Witness offers a comprehensive battery status monitoring feature. With this tool, you can effortlessly access real-time voltage readings for each vehicle in your fleet.

The beauty of our battery status reports is that they span over months, providing a historical perspective on battery performance. By closely monitoring these reports, fleet managers can proactively address low or critical voltage levels, preventing battery-related issues that often arise from extended inactivity. This feature ensures that when the need arises, your vehicles are ready for action, eliminating costly downtime and battery replacements.

Keeping Up with MOT/Service Dates

Managing multiple MOT due dates, insurance renewals, and routine maintenance schedules for an entire fleet can be a logistical challenge. During periods of inactivity, it’s even easier for these crucial dates to slip through the cracks, potentially resulting in fines and unexpected repair costs.

Fleet Witness’s vehicle tracking system comes to the rescue with an MOT/service dates reporting feature. This tool streamlines the management of all critical dates, allowing fleet managers to stay ahead of deadlines effortlessly. Even if only some vehicles remain in use during downtime. This proactive approach helps fleet managers avoid legal complications and unforeseen expenses when operations resume.

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In the world of fleet management, staying vigilant during periods of inactivity is crucial to ensure the health and readiness of your vehicles. Fleet Witness, with its advanced features like battery status monitoring, MOT/service date management, and geofencing alerts, empowers fleet managers to proactively maintain their fleets even when not in operation. By harnessing the capabilities of Fleet Witness, fleet managers can eliminate the need for expensive repairs and downtime when it’s time to put their vehicles back into service. Vehicle tracking is not just a valuable tool for mobile businesses; it’s an essential companion during fleet downtime, providing peace of mind and cost-saving benefits.

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