Fleet Witness Unveils Progressive Safety System for DVS 2024 Phase 2

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Last week, we proudly introduced our Progressive Safe System (PSS). This unveiling underscores our commitment at Fleet Witness to elevate standards in vehicle safety. As a leading provider of safety camera solutions for commercial vehicles, we are dedicated to advancing safety practices.

Starting October 28, 2024, heavy goods vehicles weighing over 12 tonnes in Greater London must either possess a minimum three-star rating or install a Progressive Safe System (PSS) solution.

Highlighting the progress made since the initial launch of DVS, we emphasise that the new PSS requirements aim to reduce road collisions and false alerts, alleviating sensory overload for drivers.

In contrast to DVS Phase 1, the enhanced PSS mandates the nearside detection system, BSIS (Blind Spot Information System), to distinguish between stationary and moving objects. It notifies the driver only when a collision is imminent. Additionally, a MOIS (Moving Off Information System) identifies Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) within or about to enter the critical blind spot area.

Our All-In-One Progressive Safe System (PSS) employs radar technology to eliminate blind spots, aligning with Transport for London’s proposed coverage for heightened visibility and safety. Radar offers several advantages, including effective operation during both day and night, as well as in challenging weather conditions.


Discover Fleet Witness’s personalised solutions to fit your needs. Select the Full Kit for DVS Phase 2 Compliance, inclusive of an AHD Monitor, BSIS & MOIS Camera System, Left Turn Speaker, and Warning Sign. Alternatively, explore the PSS Package-Only option, tailored for vehicles with pre-existing monitors and nearside cameras.

Mandatory from October 2024, HGVs with 0, 1, or 2-star ratings or a DVS Safety Permit until 2024 must install a PSS before reapplying for a new permit.

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