Direct Vision Standard 2024 Implementation

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Star Rating Due To Increase

Starting in October 2024, vehicles falling into the 0, 1, or 2-star rating category will be required to incorporate the recently recommended Progressive Safe System, as advised by Transport for London.

Why The Increase?

The origin of the Direct Vision Standard can be traced back to the Mayor of London’s Vision Zero initiative, which aims to ultimately eliminate fatalities and severe injuries on the capital’s transportation network. To bolster this safety effort, an enhancement known as the Progressive Safe System (PSS) will be introduced from October 2024, building upon the existing DVS Safe System.

Notably, within inner London, a concerning statistic revealed that 70% of cyclist fatalities over a three-year period could be attributed to poor visibility from heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). Since 2019, there has been a significant reduction in fatal collisions involving HGVs where impaired vision was a contributing factor. In an ongoing commitment to enhancing road safety for all, it will be mandatory for HGVs weighing over 12 tonnes to possess a minimum three-star rating for operation in Greater London. It’s worth noting that the current requirement for a DVS safety permit stands at a one-star rating, but this threshold will rise by October 2024, necessitating updates to existing vehicle configurations.

How Can FleetWitness Contribute to Your Compliance?

FleetWitness offers two comprehensive safe system kits designed to enhance a driver’s direct vision from the vehicle cab. Our range of vehicle solutions encompasses various components of the DVS Safe System:

Our initial solution is designed to meet the new requirements for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and would require a pre-installed blind spot solution that complies with the new legislation requirements. Our front sensor system is specifically engineered to activate in response to proximity information signals, efficiently detecting the presence of pedestrians or cyclists.

Our second solution provides the option to enhance your vehicle’s safety by integrating an AI camera monitoring system. This system is specifically designed to complement our BSIS solutions or operate as a standalone solution.

Should you require further information or assistance with navigating these new regulations, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. You can contact us by phone at Tel: 0203 897 3600 or via email at We are here to help you ensure compliance and enhance road safety.

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