FORS Associates and CLOCS Champions

Fleet Witness are proud members of CLOCS, the Construction Logistics & Community Safety organisation and FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme.

The aim of both organisations is to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on UK roads and construction sites. 463 people were killed or seriously injured in collisions involving HGV’s from all sectors on our roads in 2016. We know that a sizeable percentage of these were construction vehicles.

We feel strongly that both organisations are playing an important role in promoting best practices within the industry, ensuring that members commit to meeting the highest standards in road safety.

We work with customers to help them achieve CLOCS and FORS (Bronze, Silver and Gold) by equipping them with the cameras, proximity sensors, alarms and monitors required to meet the standard.

Our part is to continue developing best-in-class software and hardware to help protect all road users; cyclist, pedestrian and driver alike.

Further information about CLOCS can be found here:

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Details about the TfL Direct Vision Standard can be found here:

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