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Safety First at Heathrow

Heathrow airport sees approximately 78 Million passengers pass through every year. A daily average is 214,000 passengers. The infrastructure that keeps this running smoothly involves 70,000 staff who need to be able to travel around the five terminals in approximately 7000 vehicles. These essential airside services include – aircraft maintenance, buses, tugs for pushing out and towing planes; vehicles for loading cargo, baggage handling, clearing snow, and providing catering supplies. The airport is basically a city within itself. Watch the video below to see an example of how we have deployed Fleet Witness Live at Heathrow:



In 2004, Airport Energy Services was created to offer both an airside refuelling service and management services. The company provides 95% of Heathrow’s airside fuel.  Additionally, it manages fuel supply and fuel facilities at many of the UK’s other airports.

Refuelling work starts late in the afternoon with the majority of the work taking place after 11pm when planes are grounded. It stops when the airport starts moving again around 5am. Working airside means great care must be exercised at all times. Colliding with an aircraft is not an option and every safety measure that can be taken should be taken.


“Fleet Witness did a superb job from start to finish; quickly establishing the needs of the project, executing on the plan with a exceptional work ethic to meet a very challenging schedule, and worked painstakingly to ensure everything worked seamlessly. We are recommending their work to other airside companies.”