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Bishopsgate – Fleet CCTV Camera Systems

Bishopsgate Fleet Vehicle CCTV

Following a successful trial, Bishopsgate has invested in Fleet Witness systems for their London fleet.

“I have always wanted to install cameras in our trucks,” said  Tim Bloch, Bishopsgate’s MD. “Following an extensive trial with Fleet Witness over 24 months and a trip last year to the DHL Technology conference in the US, I wanted to move things forward in relation to vehicle-based cameras.”

Bishopsgate Fleet Vehicle CCTV

“During the conference in Austin Texas, I was chatting with our taxi driver, who it turned out was the company owner running more than a dozen cars. She very quickly persuaded me that it was a good idea. I wanted a system not just to help with any potential insurance claims, but a system that would provide more benefits to the crews on the road and in turn, my customers.”


Irrefutable Proof

So what were the benefits Bishopsgate experienced with this investment? Debbie Goy, Bishopsgate’s Health & Safety Manager explains:

“One of the most obvious and tangible benefits of in-vehicle camera systems is that they provide impartial, efficient, and indisputable evidence in the event of an accident. Bishopsgate and their drivers have invested significant time, money, and energy in ever more challenging vocational driving training in the classroom as well as at the wheel, and yet, it is surprising how often, without proof, the driver of the ‘big sign written truck’ is seen as guilty without consideration.

The footage produced by the Fleet Witness solution quickly puts an end to this by quickly establishing the guilty party without need for further discussions. In effect saving the business a huge amount of time, effort, and money.”

Mobile Fleet Dash Cam Installation

Protection From False Insurance Claims

Fleet Witness MD and company founder Eric Rogers had been in discussions with Bishopsgate for some time after the initial trial, advising on the best approach for the company. Being passionate about safety, Bishopsgate wanted a fully comprehensive system to eliminate driver blind spots in order to guard against the risk of a cyclist or pedestrian collision.

After this period of consultation, a system which exactly met the needs of the fleet was decided upon. The complete solution included Fleet Witness reverse alarms, turn alarms, proximity sensors and in-cab monitoring to complete the package. At this point, Bishopsgate discussed the plans with their broker Allan & Thomas who took a very pro-active view, working with insurers to introduce a sizeable rebate.

The Fleet Witness system not only helps prevent accidents but in the case of an actual incident, provides clear-cut evidence to defend drivers from malicious claims. It also helps them to guard against any ‘crash for cash‘ schemes; insurance fraud in which dishonest drivers deliberately cause accidents in order to profit from a target companies insurance policy – something that has sadly been on the rise.

Increased Safety

Far from taking a “Big Brother” approach, the Bishopsgate drivers, who strive to give 100%, ultimately appreciate the move as an additional safety measure.


360 Side Camera Installation

Driver And Passenger Behaviour Monitoring

Bishopsgate have extensive driver training programmes and heavily invest in their crews on the road. Vehicle cameras encourage and help reinforce this safe and responsible ethos which in turn helps them reach their GREEN objectives through minimising idling. The result is lower carbon emissions, fuel use, and wear & tear of vehicles; reducing overheads and increasing productivity.

Mick Morris, CEO of Fleet Witness states: “It has been a pleasure working on this large project with Bishopsgate. We look forward to building on our relationship with Tim and his excellent team in equipping the fleet with the right telematics technology as the company continues to go from strength to strength.”


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