About Us

Peace of Mind

Fleet Witness is a leading provider of cutting-edge telematics and connected-camera systems. Our solutions provide peace of mind through protecting drivers, passengers, vehicles and cargo.

Fleet Witness Live, our telematics platform, available on iOS, Android and Windows, enables the viewing of vehicle cameras in realtime. Set geofences, track current locations, check historical data, playback recorded footage and customise reports on a wide range of metrics. 

Incidents, collisions, and reported near-misses can be investigated and analysed at any time. In the event of an accident, key personnel will be notified with immediate effect. Instant access to court-admissible video and data follows allowing you to get ahead of any developing situation.

Our solutions help mitigate insurance fraud, prevent premium increases and protect drivers from unfair allegations. Improvements in fuel economy, reduced ‘wear and tear’ and better driver behaviour are all additional benefits.

Our clients operate in aviation, local government, construction, haulage, passenger transport and logistics.

Monitor your assets while you are on the move.

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Driving Safety

As recognised FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) members, we are committed to helping our customers meet set standards based on safety, legal compliance and environmental protection. FORS accreditation is an important signal to existing and potential clients that fleets are adhering to national safety standards. Our solutions ensure that fleets can attain FORS Bronze, Silver and Gold.

We enable fleet operators to quickly and clearly identify incidents of poor driver behaviour which in turn can improve employee safety, reduce fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear. Further benefits include providing valuable evidence in respect of accidents and subsequent insurance claims, reducing claim processing times and offering protection against ‘crash for cash’.

Putting the Customer First

We are forever striving to improve our services and keep ahead of changes in the industry by supplying the most advanced camera and tracking solutions available, in our endeavour to improve all aspects of road safety.