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Case Study – Stolen Courier Van

Courier Van Vehicle Cameras Telematics Tracking Stolen Courier Van

“With Fleet Witness Live, we were able to track and recover our stolen vans within less than 20 minutes. The cameras provided undisputable evidence against the criminals.”


Fleet Witness recently worked alongside a fleet of courier vans to supply and install a 5-camera vehicle system. This allowed full 360° coverage around the vehicle, and live GPS tracking abilities from the Fleet Witness Live platform.

Like many companies, they had found their drivers in situations where they had been involved in an accident but had been unable to prove their innocence. Alongside this, their drivers transport valuable goods to customers every day.

Ensuring the safety of these goods is a major priority, so it was decided that a 5 camera DVR system with access to Fleet Witness Live tracking and management platform would be most suitable for the management of their fleet.


After the order was placed, the kit was set up in the office before being taken to the site. Our engineer was extremely flexible regarding his attendance on site and the installation was performed at times to suit the customer, thereby minimising any disruption or inconvenience to their business. Following the installation, the customer was given a full demonstration on how to use the system, ensuring they were happy with its operation.

The courier vans were fitted with five cameras covering all angles of the vehicle. These all link back to the DVR – the brains of the operation. Live video footage and location details are automatically provided to the DVR, which is immediately uploaded to the cloud in real-time. Using the Fleet Witness Live Platform, the customer was able to find the exact location of the vehicle from the smartphone app.

What was the result?

Using the detailed tracking information provided, the van was recovered in less than 20 minutes after being stolen. The location data is stored alongside the video footage, providing indisputable evidence in this unfortunate event of theft.

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