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Case Study – Eagles Chauffeurs

Eagles Chauffeurs

“There is a lot of trust involved in being a chauffeur. From other road users, and the unfamiliar people getting in your car, it is important to keep covered. Dash cameras provide peace of mind, and video evidence in any unfortunate circumstances.”


With 25 years of experience, Eagles provide a luxury chauffeur service throughout busy London. The drivers are highly trained yet still having incidents with other road users. 

Due to the levels of vehicle damage, theft, and car cloning increasing by 50% in recent years, it became clear that Eagles Chauffeurs needed a way to cover themselves.

Fleet Witness were able to offer the perfect solution to this. Front and rear cameras can be installed to cover any vehicle-related incidents, helping to prove innocence and avoid hefty fraudulent claims. Along with this, a tracker provides detailed information of where your vehicle has been, which can be used in many situations to prove location, speed, or journey.

The growing amount of false claims of abuse, assault, and worse towards taxi driver is enough to concern anybody in the industry.  This is where interior cameras showing both the driver and passengers, while also recording audio become a very valuable asset for taxi companies.

For Eagles Chauffeurs, a front only camera with tracking was what they needed. Their whole fleet consisting of various Mercedes’ and Range Rovers were fitted by Fleet Witness’ experienced auto electricians at a time and location which is suitable for the taxis, so as not to take away from their busy 24-hour schedule.


What Were The Results?

Eagles Chauffeurs found the cameras to provide invaluable security to its drivers. Within months, the initial cost is recovered by avoiding various claims, improvements in driver behaviour, and the confidence gained by the experienced chauffeurs.

The cameras also became a way of showing their customers how seriously they took the security and safety of passengers and drivers alike.

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