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Direct Vision Standard (DVS)

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safety permit requirements

Direct Vision Standard (DVS)

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safety permit requirements

The Direct Vision Standard comes into enforcement on March 1st 2021

Are you ready?

Transport For London are launching the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) this means that for fleet operators, if your vehicle is over 12 tonnes and fails to reach a certain safety level, known as a star rating. You will need to ensure the vehicle is equipped with a Safe System and obtain a HGV Safety Permit if you wish to operate within Greater London. Failure to do so may result in fines of up to £550 per day. 

Fleet Witness can help you navigate the process, make sure you’re compliant and avoid those fines. We also take a wider view and will advise on measures to provide a return on investment outside of meeting the minimum requirements.

What do you need to do?

We have broken the process down into 3 simple steps:

This is the first step to establish what equipment you will require. You can contact your vehicle manufacturer, or simply send us a fleet list and we’ll complete this work for you free of charge.

Fleet Witness have spent the last 2-years designing and testing our own Blind Spot Detection kit. We have put together packages for the minimum required to achieve DVS compliance through to solutions that go a step further, providing a better return on investment for your fleet.

Once your equipment is installed. You will need to provide photos and complete the application form. If Fleet Witness have installed the equipment we will provide photos and help prepare your HGV Safety Permit application ready to submit to Transport For London.

DVS Map London
DVS Coverage Map

More Information

Understanding the DVS rating score system

The score system is based on the drivers direct visibility whilst sat in the driving seat. If your vehicle scores zero stars then you will be required to fit a Safe System. As you can see below most trucks currently on the road will fall into this category.

Case Studies

Direct Vision Standard Kit
DVS Good Direct Vision
Category Description
A Zero Star Eye Point
B One Star Eye Point
C Two Star Eye Point
D Three Star Eye Point

More Information

Understanding the DVS rating score system

The score system is based on the drivers direct visibility whilst sat in the driving seat. If your vehicle scores zero stars then you will be required to fit a Safe System. As you can see below most trucks currently on the road will fall into this category.

Direct Vision Standard Kit
Category Description
A Zero Star Eye Point
B One Star Eye Point
C Two Star Eye Point
D Three Star Eye Point
DVS Good Direct Vision

Understanding the DVS rating score system

The score system is based on the drivers direct visibility whilst sat in the driving seat. If your vehicle scores zero stars then you will be required to fit a Safe System. As you can see below most trucks currently on the road will fall into this category.

Direct Vision Standard Kit
Category Description
A Zero Star Eye Point
B One Star Eye Point
C Two Star Eye Point
D Three Star Eye Point
Average Truck In Operation Currently
DVS Good Direct Vision
Newer Trucks With Reduced Blind Spots

More Information

DVS Safe System Requirements

A class V mirror must be fitted to the nearside of the vehicle

A class VI mirror must be fitted to the front of the vehicle 

Side under-run protection must be fitted to both sides of the vehicle (except where this is impractical or proves to be impossible)

External pictorial stickers and markings must be displayed on vehicles to warn vulnerable road users of the hazards around the vehicle

DVS Blind Spot Signage

A sensor system that alerts the driver to the presence of a vulnerable road user must be fitted to the nearside of the vehicle 

DVS Kit Overview

Audible vehicle manoeuvring warning must be fitted to warn vulnerable road users when a vehicle is turning left

DVS Left Turn Alarm

A fully operational camera monitoring system must be fitted to the nearside of the vehicle

DVS Camera Kit

DSV Safe System Overview


  • What is a Safe System?
    The Safe System is a series of vehicle
    safety measures (fitted after point of
    manufacture) which are designed to
    reduce the risks that HGVs present to
    people walking and cycling.

  • Is it a legal requirement?
    Yes, it is unlawful to operate a HGV over 12T within Greater London after the 1st March 2021. Doing so could result in fines of up to £550.

  • Does the side camera need to be recording?
    No the camera is not required to record under the terms & conditions of the DVS. However, we would suggest that whilst you have gone to the expense of installing the camera it would be advantageous to pair it with a front facing camera and have both recording.

  • How do I obtain a permit?
    You can apply to TfL, there is no charge for the application itself. Fleet Witness can help with this process.
  • Is the DVS scheme in place anywhere outside London?
    No, not currently.

  • What happens if the Safe System equipment fails and I’m caught in breach of the permit scheme?
    TfL have the ability to revoke Safety Permits if you are found to be in breach of the conditions. As such, it is important the system is working correctly. Fleet Witness’ Blind Spot Detection kits have a remote health check function. This means that if you have the equipment linked with one our live platforms it will tell you if a sensor fails.

  • How long does it take to have  a vehicle installed with a Safe System?
    The minimum equipment required will take 3-4 hours to install, depending on the vehicle.

  • Will I also qualify for FORs?
    Yes, the equipment installed will also be relevant for FORs silver certification but only if a reverse alarm is also present.

Tacho Downloads

Fleet Witness Tacho Downloads

Remote Tacho Downloads

Remote tacho downloads provide fleet operators with a quick and painless way of meeting their compliance requirements without becoming a drain on resources.

Fleet Witness’ automated tacho downloads eliminates the need to manually download driver and vehicle data, not only saving time but also ensuring that you don’t risk missing any crucial data.

Our system offers a high level of flexibility in the form of configurable downloads, alerts and reports. You can specify how often you would like to pull data and how you wish to be presented with the data. Our fully managed service retrieves the data for analysis and generates reports which can be scheduled to arrive directly in your inbox.

Fleet Witness Tacho Downloads

The data collected can be used for establishing the cause of a road traffic collision or for monitoring and improving driver behaviour, which in turn, has a direct impact on the frequency of claims. In many instances this results in a reduction in fuel consumption, vehicle damage and loss of earnings; all of which have a “real world” effect on operating costs.

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Fleet Dash Cameras

dash cam for fleet vehicles

Fleet Dash Cameras

Fleet Witness offer a range of commercial dash cameras, designed to be more secure, and more robust than the average dash camera.

Our cameras provide a low cost entry point into onboard vehicle cameras and can be a great solution for those looking to collect video evidence to aid insurance claims and settle disputes. As well as helping to improve driving behaviour.

Our main front facing dash camera records in 1080p HD, it has built-in WiFi for use with a Smart Phone App, built-in GPS to log location and speed, a tamper proof lockable case and a parking mode feature. 

Parking mode allows the camera to record for a while after the ignition has been switched off, this is a useful feature when drivers are parking in hazardous areas.

dash cam for fleet vehicles

Our dash cameras provide you with the crucial video evidence required to prove who was at fault in a road traffic accident, whilst helping you build a case to battle rising insurance costs.

High quality solutions for front and rear recording on commercial vehicles.

Reduce insurance premiums and provide indisputable evidence of events.

Configure, review and download video footage from your smartphone.

Tamper Proof Dash Camera

The Fleet Witness front facing dash camera is designed for commercial use and comes with a moulded power lead that is hardwired to the vehicle to prevent it being easily unplugged.

It also has a lockable cover that prevents the removal of the SD card, it’s robust and sits nicely on the windscreen of all vehicles.

Fleet Witness Van Fleet

High Quality Video

The camera can be set to record in 1080P, or 720P @ 30fps. Both offer a good quality picture but the latter is useful if you want to increase the storage time.

The camera can hold a 128GB micro SD card providing you with the best part of a weeks recording.

Smartphone App

The Fleet Witness dash camera comes with built-in WiFi, access is controlled using a password. Those authorised can use the App to view and download stored recordings directly to their mobile device. 

Note this can only be done when near the vehicle and is not remote access. If you would like remote access to your recordings please contact us about our Fleet Witness Live range of products.

Fleet Witness Dash Cam App
Fleet Witness Engineer

Professional Installation

Fleet Witness can work with you to plan the deployment and organise installations. We have a team of experienced fitters spread right across the UK.

Our online booking system gives you an overview of your vehicles and the installations completed to date. As well as providing an audit trail and photographs of the work completed.

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Blind Spot Detection

Direct Vision Standard Kit

Blind Spot Detection

Fleet Witness make road safety a priority with specialist equipment designed to reduce blind spots and increase driver awareness.

We provide individualised systems that cater to specific vehicle types and driver requirements. With the option of live 360° camera coverage, or our active proximity sensors which are designed to provide interior and exterior audible alerts.

This not only leads to better driving behaviour through an increased awareness of surroundings, but ultimately improves the safety of your fleet and reduces the risk of road traffic accidents involving other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

Fleet Witness Blind Spot Detection

Proximity sensors will detect pedestrians, cyclists, and fixed objects. Once installed, they will produce a visual and audible alarm inside the vehicle, alerting the driver to their presence and resulting in a reduction in collisions. Eliminating blind spots plays a vital role in improving the safety of your fleet and should be a priority for fleets striving to improve road safety.

360° coverage around your vehicles for maximum safety and driver awareness

Reduce vehicle and pedestrian accidents through proximity sensor detection

Become compliant with road safety standards set by accreditations such as FORS

Full Blind Spot Coverage

Our unique camera package can be installed to display individual, or multiple cameras on the in-cab monitor. Switching to a blank screen so as not to distract the driver once the presence of a hazard has passed.

If paired with our active sensor range we can provide further visual and audible alerts to ensure the driver doesn’t miss a hazard. However, the systems have been designed to aid the driver and not act as a further distraction themselves.

Accurate Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors are not born equal. There are many devices available within today’s market that will detect the presence of an object in close proximity. However, many are passive sensors and easily triggered by rain, or a wall, and will gradually send your driver mad.

We use active sensors with proprietary software that enables the sensors to intelligently detect objects and decide on the appropriate response to ensure the driver is made aware of true hazards.

DVS Safe System Solution

The Fleet Witness Blind Spot Detection system provides fleets with the required equipment to obtain a HGV Safety Permit.

Our kits contain both visual and audible alerts for the driver. As well as external turning alarms to warn pedestrians and other road users when the vehicle is manoeuvring. 

Fleet Witness Bespoke Solutions
Fleet Witness FORs

Fleet Safety And FORS Compliance

Fleets looking to achieve a Gold, or Silver FORs accreditation will need to consider how they eliminate blind spots and increase driver awareness. 

Fleet Witness are a FORs Associate member. If you need help, or advice in understanding and meeting these requirements please get in touch.

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Multi-Camera Systems

Vehicle Camera Systems Fleet

Multi-Camera Systems

Our multi-camera solutions provide the possibility of 360° coverage around your vehicles. This eliminates blind spots whilst drastically improving the overall safety of your fleet; reducing the number of vehicle and pedestrian related incidents.

Common camera positions include front, rear, side, driver facing, interior dome cameras and cargo, or load facing cameras. 

The high definition in-cab monitor displays the relevant camera view to the driver when required. E.g. indicating left activates the nearside camera. Reverse gear switches to the rear cameras. The system reverts to a black screen once disengaged.

Multi-camera views can be configured and displayed accordingly.

Truck Image

Our Fleet Witness Digital Video Recorders are the main hub of the system, allowing up to 8 cameras to be connected whilst having the ability to provide up to 2TB of storage for your recordings. All units are 4G capable and can be accessed remotely via our Fleet Witness Live platform whihc provides a full suite of remote monitoring features allowing you to download and review footage, or track your assets, ensuring complete management of your fleet.

Tried and tested hardware for maximum reliability and performance

Reduced insurance premiums with a
lower risk fleet profile

Up to 8 cameras positioned around your vehicles for maximum coverage

Purpose Designed DVR

The Fleet Witness DVR has been crafted to function as a highly reliable and technically sound, video recorder. It is a highly configurable unit, offering maximum flexibility, ensuring it can be a system for all vehicles and requirements.

It’s compact size means it can be installed in even small cars and the wiring is kept neat and hidden behind our tamper proof locking case.

DVR on background
Fleet Witness On Laptop Screen

Headline Features

The Fleet Witness DVR is provided in a 4 camera, or 8 camera model. With a maximum storage of 2TB, using either an SD card, or our preferred storage medium, a Solid State Drive. Both of which are protected behind a slim fitting, lockable case.

It comes with a built-in GPS module and the option of a fully connected 4G module. With the latter we can provide access to our Fleet Witness Live tracking and video telematics portal.

It also benefits from a HDMI output for a crisp high definition picture displayed on the in-cab monitor.

Inputs and Integrations

Our DVR has 4 digital inputs that can be used to connect a reverse trigger, indicators, or even more specialist PTO’s such as fuel interlock overrides, or blue lights and gun safes.

We also offer a dashboard mounted indicator and event button. It provides a visual status of the systems health, as well as a programmable switch that can act as a panic button, or used simply to switch the camera that is shown on the monitor.

Fleet Witness DVR Status Panel
Fleet Witness HD Camera

High Quality - Front Camera

We offer a range of cameras and pride ourselves on the picture quality and reliability of each . Over the last four years we have developed these products to better fit and withstand the environment they are destined for.  

Our front facing camera is a 1080P 120° wide angle, compact camera. It has a multi-function bracket meaning it can be installed in a variety of positions, be it screwed in place, or stuck with a high bond adhesive pad.

IP69K External Cameras

Our latest range of external cameras have undergone rigorous testing to achieve an IP69K rating. They are blasted with high pressure water and dust particles to ensure they are able to withstand harsh environments, such as the side of a commercial vehicle.

They record in full 1080P HD resolution with a 120° field of vision, providing a clear view which can be used to eliminate blind spots. Or capture crucial evidence to aid fleet operators.

Fleet Witness IP69K Cameras
Fleet Witness Engineer

12 Month Onsite Warranty & Ongoing Support

We have an experienced team of engineers and offer a 12 month onsite warranty on all equipment. Our back office staff are on hand to provide ongoing technical support and training whenever it is required.

We offer tailored support packages if you require a more hands on approach. Please get in touch for more details.

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Tracking & Video Telematics

Fleet Tracking

Tracking & Video Telematics

Video telematics combines the factual reliability of video footage with the collection and processing of GPS tracking and vehicle data. Fleet Witness Live presents this data in a clear, user-friendly fashion.

Whilst providing fleet operators the information they need to successfully manage their fleets, resulting in reduced costs, improved operational efficiency and better protected drivers.

Tracking and video telematics software

The data collected can be used for establishing the cause of a road traffic collision or for monitoring and improving driver behaviour, which in turn, has a direct impact on the frequency of claims. In many instances this results in a reduction in fuel consumption, vehicle damage and loss of earnings; all of which have a “real world” effect on operating costs.

Fleet Witness have a selection of tracking and on-board video solutions that can be paired in a modular fashion to suit your requirements. From a low cost tracker, which can be paired with  driver ID, so you know exactly who is behind the wheel. Or, if you need more accurate and advanced data collection we can provide full CAN bus integration and inputs to track the use of specialist equipment.

Remote access to tracking and live video feeds from all of your devices

Reliable solutions and ongoing support
built to work for you

Tailored package – Report on specific data or integrate with specialist kit

Live Fleet Tracking

The live map displays the locations of all of your vehicles. Fleet Witness Live updates every few seconds so you’ll always know where your vehicles are at anytime. Icons and columns can be customised, showing you the most relevant information. The user interface is cleanly designed and gives you the ability to adjust the layout to suit your preference.

Fleet Witness Live Screenshot
Live Video Screen Shot

Real-Time Camera Feeds

Our on-board DVRs allow you to have up to eight cameras connected. You can quickly select and view live video on demand.

Review historical video using either the date and time, or use a point on the map to locate the piece of footage that you need.

With a click of a button, download and save footage for reviewing later. It’s in a friendly format ready to play on any media player without the need to convert it.

Detailed Journey Reports

Highly accurate tracking data is displayed on a clean, user friendly map.

Each point along the route can be selected to view the exact speed, location and vehicle status (i.e. idling, moving, stationary) at that point in time.

You can also see the road speed limit, street address, site details and much more. Along with information on driver behaviour, such as harsh braking, turning and acceleration.

Fleet Tracking
Geofencing Screenshot


Within Fleet Witness Live you have the ability to plot your own virtual geographic boundaries.

Track movement in and out of these locations and run reports detailing time of arrival, time spent within the area, time of departure and more.

Email alerts can be sent when vehicles enter, or leave your custom areas. Examples could include ULEZ, the Congestion Zone or customer sites.

Flexible Reporting

Our report builder gives you the ability to select a few high level data points, or as many as you need. Each report can be manually run, or scheduled to drop into your inbox at regular intervals.

Our Utilisation report provides a useful overview of the most commonly required metrics, as well as displaying your running costs.

You can also choose from mileage, expenses, out-of-hours, site visits and many others. If you have a specific requirement we’ll create the report and configure to your specification.

Reports Image

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